Uberfit was born in January 2007 in an effort to take fitness out of the gym and into the environment!

Exercise can be a very personal thing, it needs to be undertaken in an effort to keep healthy and feel good. However it often leaves people feeling intimidated or bored!

Uberfit continues its quest to motivate and inspire all, no matter what level of  fitness the individual arrives with. We  are there to push you that bit further and give you the confidence and self belief that you can do it. We want you to work as hard as you can but enjoy your exercise too!

We offer bespoke Personal Training sessions, Indoor Group classes, Outdoor sessions on Tunbridge Wells Common and in local parks and Fitness Pilates. So whether you love to be outside or prefer an indoor environment Uberfit has the class for you.

We have a varied client base from complete beginners to marathon runners and pride ourselves on the personal service, which we offer to all our clients.