All about Helen

I graduated from Loughborough University in 1990, with a sports science and English literature B.A Hons degree.I had spent my entire school life playing sports of all varieties, reaching both county and national standard.

It was while at Loughborough that I fully realised the place of fitness in society and my own desire to pass on this passion for a healthy life.

I went on to teach physical education in schools for 12 years!

In 2006, following thebirth of 3 children, I decided to take time out of teaching and complete a personal training course. I felt that there was a gap in the market for those people who wanted to keep fit but didnt want to pay monthly membership fees for working out in souless, intimidating gyms! In January 2007 Claire and i formed Uberfit!!

I continue to run marathons, complete specialist exercise equipment training courses, play netball and tennis and keep fit at every given opportunity. My ambition is to inspire and motivate others in their quest for a happy, healthy life and educate all into understanding the invaluable contribution keeping fit brings.

If i can convince you to keep fit for life then I have succeeded!!