Fitness Pilates

This is Uberfit’s perfect compliment class!

Fitness Pilates offers a contemporary approach to an ancient format focusing on developing core strength, flexibility, stability and posture, all of which contribute to a healthy body.

Pilates classes with Uberfit will be based on traditional moves but will be more functional making them applicable to everyday life. We focus on stretching, strengthening and lengthening, in a quest for strong core muscles and a strong back.uberfit-photo-27

You will learn how to recruit the right muscles at the right time, which is key in everyday activities such as bending, reaching and carrying and can also help prevent injury.

The class is suitable for all abilities, for those who are looking for a class without impact and indeed for those who do a lot impact classes and running.

Tuesday and Friday classes at 9am and 10am respectively, 17 Calverley Park  and wednesday Class at 8.45am in Tonbridge. Please refer to Class Timetable.