Uberfit Indoor Classes

Our indoor classes are based on traditional circuit classes combining cardio, resistance and core work achieving a complete body workout.

Classes are always taken by two Uberfit Trainers to ensure a high level of service, correct technique and lots of personal attention. The classes are made as varied as possible using a variety of equipment to ensure maximium enjoyment and optimum results.

Our Uberkit includes: Bosus, Fitballs, Free Weights, Kettle Bells, Boxing, Skipping, Hurdles and Ladders to name a few. Layouts are changed regularly to ensure that motivation is kept high, workouts are challenging and enjoyment maintained. Classes can be done at varying paces and adapted to suit different fitness levels, which makes them the perfect class for all!

Our training venues are based within the local area with good parking and crèche facilities. please refer to our Class Timetable.