Cross training is probably something you have heard of but are not entirely sure what it actually is!?

Cross training is when you do exercise that is completely different to what you normally do. The purpose of cross training is to balance your workouts and challenge your body in different ways. This will raise your effort levels which will then boost your fitness and prevent you getting stuck in a rut, also known as plateau. It is quite common to find that you are unable to increase your fitness once you have got to a certain level and this is probably because you aren’t cross training!

So, for example, if your main activity is running, try a lower impact form of cardio such as swimming or spinning. Also do activities such as Pilates and Circuits to develop your strength and flexibility. If you never run because it seems too daunting then just start by walking for 2 mins and then jog for 1 min. Gradually decrease walk time and increase jog time! The high impact exercise is great for your bone density. By mixing up your training you may get better results and enjoy the change!

One of our members who is a keen runner was just saying the other day how adding swimming to her training programme had definitely helped with her preparations for a half marathon.

Our class timetable along with our Boot camps gives you the opportunity to cross train. If you only do outdoor classes then give the indoor circuits a try, this class will develop your upper and lower body strength. Our Pilates class is perfect for focusing on core work, it may be a slower pace than you are used to but a strong core is essential not only for general exercise but in every day life.

The St John’s Sports Centre on the St John’s Rd in Tunbridge Wells offers pay as you go Spinning classes and lengths only swimming early morning and at lunchtimes.

So there you go, what are you waiting for? Let us know how you get on.