Diet is key to weight loss!

If you would like  to lose some weight before you dig out your bikini you should be aiming to do 3/4  exercise sessions per week and address your diet!  Don’t forget weight loss is down to 70% diet and 30% exercise.

With this is mind we have arranged for Claudia Williamson, who is a qualified Nutritionist, to come along to one of our sessions and give you some sound nutritional advice. We are all  pretty well informed about healthy eating but are all guilty of getting into bad habits.  Claudia will put us back on track with some sound and practical advice! There will be the opportunity to ask questions and a handout at the end of the session. if you have any specific questions it would be useful to tell Claudia beforehand so she can prepare answers for you. Use the Contact us form (on home page) to leave Claudia a question.

This will be on Monday 20yh June straight after our class on the Common.