Personal Training

Personal Training with Uberfit will provide you with a tailor made and individual service that will make a huge difference to your fitness, your health and the way you feel about yourself. Whatever your goals maybe, our aim is to meet your requirements and help you succeed. This could be simply returning to, or indeed beginning to exercise for the first time, weight loss, bringing energy back into your life, enabling you to feel good about yourself or running a marathon!


An initial consultation including a basic health check will enable us to assess your current fitness level, discuss specific goals and talk about how to best attain them. We will ask you about what activities you like or dislike in our desire to provide you with the most effective and enjoyable programme. We will also discuss lifestyle and diet.

Uberfit trainers are both male and female and have varied expertise and dynamic coaching skills. Bespoke training sessions will give you the opportunity to progress and be challenged. To prevent boredom,  sessions will be varied with different equipment and teaching methods. We will carry out periodic assessments and work closely with you to ensure success! Obviously, this will require dedication from you but the rewards will be very satisfying. We will keep you focused and committed to your programme, all of those things difficult to achieve on your own.

Sessions can be taken on our premises, outside or at your own home and at a time to fit into your schedule. The flexibility that Personal Training can offer is a big plus and gives you less reason not to train! We offer 1:1, 2:1 or even 3:1 sessions. Pairing up with a friend is a really good way to make your workout fun and makes sense financially!


So, whatever your reasons maybe for choosing Personal Training the outcome will be positive. You will look better, feel better and perform better!

PARQ FormPlease click here to download our ‘Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire’

1:1 Session2:1 Session3:1 Session
£35£22.50 per person£15 per person
Book 6 x 1:1 sessions for £200